On that fateful day, the day of tears and fears

Hopelessness, helplessness and loneliness

Grandpa, you left us, sitted beside you

In that treasured bamboo bed

What a sad memory! What a pain it was

As you slept, we sang your favorite song

Nearer My God To Thee, It was a trial and tribulation

“Nearer to thee, I come,” you always sung it

I mean that song

“For how long shall we be slaves of our choices?

We can change the regime!” That was your word

We sang after you,”It is enough.We are free”

We trusted you, outdid the oppressive regime

Little did we know that Israel has been divided, change of


The army is the same,Judea and Judah

You are ruling with a whip and gun! We have no option

We are singing the song of death, song of deceit,song of land


This bitter sweet song, we love the song!

Just like flowers smile to the sun

Glittering like gold to the viewer

Your beauty caught my eyes, I fell for you

Parties in tony hotels, kisses and smiles whenever eyes I met

Who knew a devil lived in an Angel’s veil?

You were an honest liar, hiding the black, revealing the white!

My trip to China, a meeting with your white man from South


I am singing the song of hypocrisy, pain and betrayal

As a poet, I can’t speak through my words

I am in chains, a prisoner of my talent and hobby

I write to educate, they say it is incitement

So physically, I am happy,concealing the tears

Emotionally dead, spiritually blank

Because in cells, they say He can’t set me free

For my faith can’t be equal to that of Paul and Silas

So I am singing that song of Oppression

That song of fear, that song of a prisoner

© *Hector De Poet*

Fb @ Roberto De Khalifa



8 thoughts on “THAT SONG

  1. Lovely, so creative Hector, thumbs up n keep it up, u make me so proud. Many more abundant blessings. U chose the right path, success is all yours.

    Liked by 2 people

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