Born in a desert, so dry

Lord, my crops never flowered but rather withered

I spend sleepless nights without food nor water

And it is as if my day has come;I am dying

For heaven can’t be bought, Father freely take me in.

I did vote this regime for change

And for sure I can see the change for sure

Instead of giving us relief food, they stole it

Instead of giving us water, they use it in their greenhouses

Instead of roads, they talk to us while on air

Lord, as I rest today

Please, respond to the needs of my people

I didn’t call death

This driver has decided his car must swallow me

It has siphoned my blood, I am carrying the weight of my


Lord, when I sleep, never to hear them cry

Lord, when they will be crying over me

But I can’t console them

When my mum will call me by name, Hector, Hector”

But I can’t say, “yes mother”

Do assure them we will meet

For in the Bible, they talk about His coming

Lastly, my good Lord

After my death, this piece will be read out to an audience

Console those hearts that will be broken

Wipe pain from them , give them strength

Register me in your Holy book

Let me sit by Moses, Abraham and Isaac

“Wazee wa imani,” they say

And this is my prayer

© Robert Onteri aka Hector De Poet


8 thoughts on “THE LAST PRAYER

  1. Wow. This is one of the reasons you always motivate me to write, the way you describe real life issues so vividly from a real persona’s point of view.
    “For Heaven can’t be bought; take me in freely”
    Allow me to steal that line

    Liked by 1 person

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