Gunshots, unrest and wailing souls

Bitter and scattered cries from innocent citizens

Helpless and speechless dead bodies all lay

Two men, different tribes, fighting for power

I am abashed from my dreams, family and ambitions

I speak death; SPEAK IT, MY PEN SPEAK

I live in the desert, this is where I got my dessert

No dad, no food, no mate

In this place, I lost a mother, I lost love

Snakes and thorn trees are my neighbours

But am I not a citizen of Mangala country?

I Speak of Solitude and suffering


My leg will be amputated today

But I will be in this hospital to stay

The bill is too high, my ability too low

“Cancer patients will receive free medication.”

But it ain’t so, it was a lie

I am speaking of poverty and treachery


In writing, I was speaking

I have become a son of chains, canes and slaps

Every day in handcuffs, that I do condemn govenments

When will authors, playwrights and poets live freely?

I am ready to sleep, never to wake

For poetic licence

I SPEAK OF OPPRESSION, for the caged birds


© Robert Onteri aka Hector De Poet

Facebook: Roberto De Khalifa


15 thoughts on “SPEAK,MY PEN SPEAK

  1. I love the theme, the subject matter and the sound patterns. Its beautiful. Good work Hector…….. Looking forward to seeing you an established poet. Thumbs up!!

    Liked by 2 people

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