The boy and girl quietly met

In dark corners like mice

They became lovers

Through their pleasures of orgasms

The lady was pregnant

Whoever before birth

A foetus was killed

Who would have spoken for that soul

It was vulnerable

Like a helpless orphan

It had no option

Thus through abortion

A dream was killed

This could have been the world changer

In the foetus , God saw a president

By killing the foetus,

A philosopher died.

There were those alive

One of them was to be a Universal poet

At an early age

He was imprisoned

Reason being what?

His poems were patriotic

To “THEM”,the poems were inciting

By instilling in him fear

A dream was killed

Then came these slow learner student

He didn’t know the Mighty ability of the pen

But for sure he knew the ability of his left leg

He dreamt of playing for Arsenal

But because they wanted a grade on paper

The student dropped out of school

Only to be an urchin

Thus a dream was killed

Then there came this blind girl

She could write but never saw her works

They who were her eyes

Sold her novels to publishers

Only to tell her they were rejected

By the same publisher

Through theft and trickery

She never became an author thus,

A dream was killed.

Who are these dream killers?

I want to know you

Can’t you let the foetus be born

Why burry future presidents , entrepreneurs

Bishops and pastors

In a two n half feet toilet??

I wanna know

Why stop that young footballer

From living his dream

Why plagiarize my work

I wanna know now

Who is this dream killer?

© Roberto De Khalifa (fb)

Hector De Poet


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