One day, unknown to me, an hour is coming

When I will be always sleeping

Damn silent to their crying and weeping

Lord, keep them comforted

When you will take my soul

Tell them that I have only rested

One day, a day to be seen so soon
History and its attachments shall be done

The son of a poor man, a peasant

Shall rule; he will lead the government

Lord, as it comes, just like a whirlwind

Make the ground strong for the warriors

Give them courage and expel their fears

For your people verily need a change
One day, 

Just like the rising and setting of the sun

All our problems and suffering will come to an end

I don’t know who will wipe away my tears

Nor who to give me a shoulder to lean on

But Lord, over death , you won

Just like you had God by your side

Unto us, be a pillar , be our lead
Lastly Lord, poets wrote and lost lifes

Still art kept going from generation to generation

Keep it going

For creativity never ends

May my mentall well never run dry

For I still wish to write
©  *Robert Onteri aka Hector De Poet*

Fb @Roberto De Khalifa



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