Let us be left alone

with nothing but silence,

for in the sweet silence of solitude,

we can dance to the tune,

to the soothing tune

of our heartbeat.
Let’s be left alone, with the music on

You are the music, I love how you groan

Breath out, lemme take that breath in

Lemme feel  how hot we can be in a cold weather

This is May, winter, times when even rocks wither

But for us, we burn
Let’s be left alone, I need a shoulder to lean on

A soft body to lie on

I need to be tickled in silence 

And feel how my veins shake

Upon sensing the touch, activity of the impulses

Let’s be left alone, for we are one
Let’s be left alone, for that’s why I paid my herds for you

Let’s be left alone, in darkness

So that we can build a generation

Being us alone, I need us to go back to the days

When love was brewed while hot like coffee

Anywhere, anytime

Let’s be left alone

© *Roberto De Khalifa* fb

*Hector De poet*



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