In my midnight sleep, yesternight, in my lonely old sheet house

I was awakened by the wailing souls of kids

Their mother had been shot live without pity

Reason? She opposed the rapists’ intentions

Where is humanity if they had no concern about these kids?

While out on duty as a journalist and photographer

This child saw me, knelt down and raised his hands up

Lips tight closed, eyes, a well of tears

We are in a country where death and war is the anthem

Fear, insecurity and alienation of kins has become a routine

It knelt because it thought that I was a terrorist

A camera has never been a gun but a gun is death

To these kids

Where is humanity if we kill even the innocent souls?
The media, known to be a voice of the vulnerables

Today, with your cameras, shamelessly and happily followed Njeri

In her labour pains, being chased from one hospital to another

Because of lack of maternity fee

To the last destination, she lost the unborn child

It died because mother would not afford the maternity fee

Why didn’t you lend a hand to a crying sister?

You got a story for your news but lost a generation!

Where is humanity if we smile at death while we visibly saw it coming?
This boy in the streets never chose to be there

The mother belonged to the pubs, the father slept in tunnels

They both died of HIV/AIDS, 

The street became his home

County police, why would you whip him up

Instead of feeding him?

Mr Governor, why chase them out of “their home” 

Yet you have not given them another?

I again ask, where is humanity?
Lastly, in churches, I see segregation

Churches for the rich and poor

Was Jesus Christ a partisan king?

I ask, where is humanity?
© *Robert Onteri aka Hector De Poet*

Fb@ Roberto De Khalifa


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