Wandering Soul

I made many promises that I kept not

For I was  a soil that never supports grass

I was  a valley in which waters ran not

I was  a mountain whose height is unknown

I am a stranger, a foreigner  in an unknown land

Because I knew  not myself, I was a wandering soul

I have had to be wrong for me to be right

I have followed ways of the East

But all my life I have been  living in the west

Many times I have had a mistaken identity

Because I often looked at the left in order to see the right

I am torn mentally, spiritually and physically

Life has taught me never to live faithfully

For after all, the world has humans but  lacks humanity

Read your scriptures, have your conclusions

Gossip, dance, afford laughter and smiles

All I do is assume dumbness and stay numb

For I am a wandering soul

I have cried and I have been pained many times

I have been heartbroken most by those I least


I have lost battles I believed that I could win

I have been betrayed by my mind, heart and people

But amid all, I have danced to the tune of


I have stood up every time I fell

For I always fell  facing the skies

Then stood up

No weapon formed against me shall stop me

For I am just a wandering soul

© Hector De Poet



These Are The Days

These are the days where morality and

Respect of self

Is considered primitivity

Days ,when ladies, scantily dressed, revealing bodies

Is still style

These are the days, where males have chosen to be hyenas

Days of “Team Mafisi”

These are the days, days where the Bible/Qur’an

The Holy Book

Is considered  secular as compared to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Days where abortion is considered much easier than spitting saliva

Days where cows, goats and sheep can be more romantic 

Than women

These are the days of a lost society

These are the days, days where John and James brew love

Sweeter than the love of Gelian and HolyBoy

Days when Happiness and Agnes can cohabit comfortably than

Daisy and Jeremih

These are the days when lesbianism and gayism ain’t a sin no more

These are the days when love for power 

Has overcome the power of love

Days where young , innocent and ambitious kids

Are feeling the effect of the bullet more than bull’s eye in training

Days where innocent generations are killed, maimed and tortured for power

Days , when tribalism and nepotism has so much ruled

That we celebrate the death of a brother

Killing is much easier for police than slaughtering of chicken

By a civilian

Days of extreme poverty and hunger

Under a government that brags of caring for her people

These are the days, days that are fast counting

The oppressor must become the oppressed

Days when guns have to be carried up 

In order to bring guns down!

© *Hector De Poet*