Mama, I know and I vividly remember you were proud of me since the first day I had a bag on my back, a jovial, cheerful and smiling lad ready, eager and anxious to count A ,B , C, D, skip X, Y then Z.I longed to sit amongst my kid neighbors and compete. Little did I know you saw a doctor in me when I for sure intended to dispense justice. I wished to be a judge.

And now, mum, I have lived my dream and you ain’t happy about it. Sorry that I couldn’t live your dream for you. I learnt you wished to be a doctor. Mum, I am sorry that I had a dream to chase.

Sorry to the people that have made me a brand name on their tongues. Sorry to those who have often judged me because of how I act. I am sure of one thing; You wish to defeat your enemy? Be your own enemy first then you will defeat. I had to be a fool to fool gossipers that they know. I am sorry to let you know that I don’t know the key to success but  already know the greatest key to failure as trying to please everyone and avoiding to annoy one. I am sorry that I won’t dance to the tune.

Lord, heaven above, I am sorry to you. Father, I have always dined in your house, sang the hymns and shared the holy Eucharist with your priests. But every time I step out the church door, I still go for my infidelity, lying and hypocritical wool of mine. I have often broken the vows made in church while hands raised to you as a commitment and allegiance.  Sorry Lord that I won’t say sorry to you for I am full of blemish.
Sorry to the birds of the air for your homes; trees, have been turned to a dollar earning gold. Sorry that you are homeless because man needs timber, charcoal and even beautification. You don’t matter. Sorry that you don’t know that you and I are all passersby in this world.
Sorry to those whose dreams were killed because of poverty. Sorry that they didn’t die because age won’t limit learning. I am sorry to you that you never tried again and again.


Robert Onteri

(Hector De Poet)


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